With only one week left to the European Parliament election, Akcja Demokracja held a happening in Warsaw, Poland, to make women’s voice louder in the final moments before the big event. Similar actions took place in more than ten cities in Poland and dozens more across Europe.

The happening was a part of the national campaign #LosKobietGłosKobiet (Women’s Voice, Women’s Choice). The Gazeta Wyborcza daily and Akcja Demokracja (wyboryue.akcjademokracja.pl) created and distributed posters with social messages vital to the entire movement of Akcja Demokracja. The campaign creators encourage people to take images of themselves with the following slogans: My world without fascism, My body, My decent salary and My friends.

In Warsaw, the participants of the happening stood together to spell out the symbol of femininity – the mirror of Venus (♀) with their bodies. The activists want to remind us that on 26 May, we elect not only people but also values which will later on shape our lives. Pro-life protests, gay parades, protests by the disabled or teachers – they all prove that women take the platform and their voice will resound strongly during the upcoming election.

One of the speakers, Justyna Smolińska, pointed out that women helmed all the movements which shaped Poland in the recent years and pioneered many battles for a better world. “It is crucial for us to remember on the election day what makes us take to the streets and which groups we fought side by side with,” said Justyna.

“Let’s not give away the future of Europe and Poland into the hands of those who want to divide instead of bringing people together in tackling challenges like the climate change or the erosion of democracy,” added Piotr Cykowski, a human rights activist at Akcja Demokracja.

The agenda included the issue of climate protection, a very important one for the younger generations.

“Reproductive rights, including rights to safe abortion. Equal care for all of us, no matter the sexual orientation or gender identity. Fight with discrimination. Decent European salaries. Environmental protection. Key battles for the future of women take place in the European Parliament. It’s time for the voice of women to be heard loud and clear,” concluded Justyna Samolińska.

The action is a part of the international campaign #YesToChange! before the European Parliament election, a common theme for more than 50 events in 13 EU countries.

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Bogumił Kolmasiak, Akcja Demokracja

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